Donation Store Update

iMasonite @ Keneti TL: Arcadia
posted Oct 30, 17  -  Donation StoreImprovementsNew Content

The Donation Store was re-opened today and many transactions were hurled through by the eagerly awaiting players that received credits from the previous map.

So far there have been no issues to report and everything is looking great.

The kits have changed: The new map has a new custom kit system that requires just one command this time around. People are loving the new kit system and its made getting kits on the donation store safer and with less hassle. The kit prices have also changed to reflect each kits new contents and what that equates to in game, and on the store with credit value vs in-game money exchange rates.

The Mob Spawner has gone up by 50 credits (now 100 credits) meaning new players cant get them simply by joining the website like before; they will have to vote at least 50 times (4 days) in order to obtain one.

The Auto Enchanter limits extension was removed as this is no longer a limited item (any credits that were spent on these in the past have been re-added to the players Enjin account.

Rank Upgrades were removed. This was a ok'ish idea but difficult to maintain. I will be working on another way to give players a path to upgrade to a higher rank and take into account what they have received from previous ranks in terms of items, claimblocks, in game money and any other perk previously bought. If you do wish to upgrade your rank in the meantime, please make me aware and i will try and help you lower the cost.

The reset so far has been greeted with happy thanks and a great overall happy community. There has been no haters as i would have expected. I can say from all of the Staff Team that we appreciate all of you playing and appreciate donations even more to help us keep this great community going.

Thank you! xD

TNTguyWho Everything is looking great so far Mason. Keep up the good work

Pre Reset Donations

iMasonite @ Keneti TL: Arcadia
posted Oct 26, 17  -  CreditsDonation Store

So since the server has reset, the top priority after getting things up and running again is donations made before the reset and how this affects players who have helped the server grow by donating to the server donation store.

Please understand that this will take time as I will have to go through each and every transaction applying ranks and commands manually and manually issuing credits. Your patients is very much appreciated and I will work as fast as I can during this time.

Players that have donated for ranks & Permanent Commands:
Any player that has donated for a rank will have the rank reapplied to them as though they just bought it, this means that you will be give the initial items that come with your rank again so you can use them on the new map, this includes claim blocks, in game money, spawners and depending on your rank, any spot loaders and adjustable emitters that come packaged with your rank.

You will get a broadcast notification and receive the items in your inventory just like when you first got the rank.

Temporary commands:
If the temporary command expired before the reset then you will have to renew this command on the store like you did before.

Items bought separately.
Items that you have gotten separately will be refunded in the credit value to your account so you may make new choices on what to spend those credits on, you choices may differ from the first time you spent these credits and so you can spend them again on what you want.

This applies to:

  • Pre upgraded ranks.
  • Kits.
  • In Game Money.
  • Claim Blocks.
  • Spawners.
  • Spotloaders.
  • Adjustable Emitters.
  • +1 Quarry Allowances.
  • +1 Auto Spawners Allowances.
  • +1 Auto Enchanter Allowances.

Server Reset October 2017

iMasonite @ Keneti TL: Arcadia
posted Oct 26, 17  -  Game ServerImprovementsNew ContentUpdate

Hi Guys!

So after the vote that players voted in favour of to reset the server and refresh the maps, I have completed the reset and it all looks great so far.

This is just how it looks though and I can expect a few bug reports that I will need to squash, you can report the bugs here in this thread and I will get through them as soon as I can.

Towny Server

iMasonite @ Keneti TL: Arcadia
posted Oct 22, 16  -  Game ServerImprovementsNew ContentUpdate

The long awaited Towny server is now open to the public, you can join from the Portal in the Lobby Spawn or you can use the command /goto towny while on other servers with no portal.

The Towny server is a fresh start map with its own Economy, Shops, Mineral (Quarry) World. The Protection type is the Towny plugin and help for that can be found HERE

Ranks earned on other servers will carry over to the new map, so ranking up will continue from where you currently are on other servers.

We hope you have many hours of fun on the Towny server! If you discover any issues with the server, please report them in the usual place

Much love,


AutoRank Replacement.

iMasonite @ Keneti TL: Arcadia
posted Aug 20, 16  -  ImprovementsNew ContentUpdate

Autorank is known to have a whole host of issues too numerous to fix in a short time frame, the cross server functionality for AutoRank is just too basic and under developed for it to be used in a multi server instance network.

Alas, the Keneti version of AutoRank (with 90% less code and 100% more functionality), The Rank Objectives system. Complete with a Item UI style inventory and full feature information on each objective, you can be sure that you will be able to complete each objective with less confusion and more direction.

The Command:

/ar check. I kept the command the same to avoid having players having to learn a whole new command.

The Inventory:

Simple enough, 9 slot inventory for each rank, the first 3 slots of each rank will contain the PlayTime aspect, the Ingame Money aspect, and the Experience aspect. the following 6 slots will contain Item objective aspects that you will need to collect/farm or otherwise obtain.

When you complete any objective, it will store your progress in the servers database allowing you to have the same progress on all servers where ranking up is supported. Other servers that have no ranking up requirements will still collect Time Played (apart from the Legacy server).

The objectives will take the items/money/xp required from what you currently have as a cost to the objective challenge. Objectives become more difficult the higher the rank and take into account the level of player you should become at each rank in terms of available resources and player progression.

calsberg01 Love it!! Always improving and making things better for the players Well done Mason
TNTguyWho Looks like an awesome new system. Should make it easier for people to know how much they have left to do/get to rank up.