Server Staff Team

Server Owner : Admiral

Michael Mason : iMasonite

iMasonite SkinHi I'm Michael, but to my friends I'm "Mason" I'm 31 Years old as of last December :D I started my Minecraft days back in 2011. I’m a developer in multiple programming languages such as C#, C++, .NET, JAVA and the like. For my main employment I develop programs and applications for key performance indicators. These skills have helped me develop the server until this day and will continue to do so for some time to come.

Whatever free time I have I devote to the servers maintenance and development, usually every waking hour when I’m at home, I put some serious hours into the back end of the server on a daily basis and I’m always writing code to make things better and more interesting for the players.

Server Administrator : Commander

Stephen La Rosa : Larosa360

Larosa360's SkinHello all! My name is Stephen La Rosa and I come from central Texas. I am 19 and a total computer nerd.

So I have been working with computers since the age of 7. The whole process of how a computer works and operated has always entertained me for as long as I can remember and has shaped my working life and my spare time. I am actively going to college for an associate's degree in Information security and assurance. I work as a security analyst at Harland Clarke Holding Corp.

I got into gaming from a young age by playing train simulators. Minecraft got my attention back in 2011 when I started playing on a server named EST. EST is where I met iMasonite and my interest in running my own minecraft server grew. I play manly World of Warcraft, Minecraft & Garys mod. I also host games for friends like Minecraft, Gmod, CSGO, Team Speak, and vent.

As for any physical activity I am mostly stationary. I love to garden and play with my small herd of dogs (11).

Server Admin : Colonel

Debbie Hargreaves: calsberg01

calsberg01's SkinHi I am Debbie or as most people call me Debs.

Mason got me into Minecraft and I have been hooked ever since. I have been working in a specialised school now for the last 3 years. I enjoy helping others and the feeling of seeing them happy.

I have a love for long walks along the beach with my three dogs on a weekend. My two children are pretty awesome and Mason is just the cats pj's. He makes me better as a person.